[Networker] Problem using library on storage node

2007-05-21 10:13:25
Subject: [Networker] Problem using library on storage node
From: Fazil Saiyed <fazil.saiyed AT ANIXTER DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 10:10:37 -0400
I thought the jbconfig cmd has extra switches when run for storage node ?
Also see Page 85 of admin guide.
To operate the NetWorker software with storage nodes, these requirements 
must be met:
◆ NetWorker servers running the release are not backward-compatible with 
storage nodes
running older releases of NetWorker software. Storage nodes must be at 
least at the
NetWorker release level.
◆ On UNIX systems, this software must be installed on the storage nodes. 
For Sun Solaris,
the packages must be installed in the order listed:
• NetWorker client software
• NetWorker storage node software

Apart from this check.
1.Make sure Lib is working first by installing it with test master server.
2. Try using jbconfig -s switch from storage node.
3. Make sure zoning and drivers are loaded correctly.
4. Check to see if you need to worry about CDI Flag.
5. Check on Unix storage node to make sure Deamons for storage node are 
6. Check Error log on Unix server\sn similar to eventlog on Windows.
7. Check SN timeout values on Master server to make sure they are 
8.Check Lib logs for any erros 

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