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2007-05-04 09:16:59
Subject: Re: [Networker] nsrclone
From: NetWorker Forum <networker-forum AT BACKUPCENTRAL DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 06:16:04 -0700
I have a perl script that creates a list of ssid's that I want to clone. It 
organizes it by volume and then starts 5 threads with unique ssid's to clone. I 
check the return code of the nsrclone command at the end and if it's successful 
then I remove the  source ssid and keep the new cloned ssid on physical tape. 
The problem is that sometimes there is a message in STDERR that we didn't 
capture as part of the script. But if you look at STDOUT it says "nsrclone: 
Successfully cloned all requested save sets " and $? = 0. When you try to 
restore the cloned ssid it is missing data. There is a bug ID "LGTsc05102" for 
this problem. The only resolution is that I am now capturing STDOUT and STDERR 
and the script does NOT do an automatic cleanup. We have to manually look 
through the logs to make sure there are no errors and then we can remove them. 

Also, we ended up losing a significant amount of backed up data due to NW's 
2038 bug. No one told us this when we bought it and NW accepts a browse and 
retention past the year 2038 but it then marks them eligible for recycling 
within 24 hours. We didn't notice it for awhile, so we lost a significant 
amount of data that we are legally bound to keep. FDA requirements. 

Looks like we found another 'bug?' with the CDL last night too. It is trying to 
load a virtual volume in a virtual drive but can not read the label. It then 
makrs it as unlabeled and put's it back in the virtual slot. It then tries 
another and same thing. Then another and another until we are out of volumes 
and backups stop. We have opened a bug with that too and EMC has acknowledged 
that it is a bug. It is on the hardware side so NW is waiting on hardware 
engineers to fix it.

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