[Networker] disk backup questions??

2007-05-01 07:04:05
Subject: [Networker] disk backup questions??
From: mark wragge <mark_t_wragge AT YAHOO DOT IE>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 12:00:33 +0100
Hi, I know that these questions have been covered before but i would like to 
clarify a few features of advance file device disk backup. 
  How many savesets clone at a time for a single advanced file disk device?
  When cloning is running can I perform a restore?
  When staging is running can I perform a restore?
  When staging is running can I perform cloning?
  If I cant restore during staging/cloning then can I prioritize a restore so 
that if cloning or staging is taking place, and I initiate a restore, then the 
restore will start and the cloning /staging will pause.
  Our Cloning is running at 10mb/sec from disk to tape? The speed does not 
change no matter if the saveset contains one single file (exchange database) or 
many files (fileserver). 
  Where is the speed restriction likely to be - the number of savesets that 
clone at once; the read access from the disk; or the tape device (LTO Ultirum).

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