Re: [Networker] Interminent problem with clone operation Networker 7.1.2/Solaris

2005-04-19 17:54:50
Subject: Re: [Networker] Interminent problem with clone operation Networker 7.1.2/Solaris
From: Hrvoje Crvelin <hcrvelin AT orchestra DOT de>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 23:48:45 +0200
Hi All,
I noticed this problem too (Solaris w/ 7.1.2 both 64bit).  I use script to
clone, but in short it is nsrclone command with -f argument.  From what I
saw it was not related to any tape change, but rather when it was to change
from one saveset being cloned to the next one.  This means that I would see
hanging status (in GUI you can see nothing happening and you can verify that
with iostat).  The state goes for some 10 minutes and the it goes on with
cloning as nothing happened.  When it does I can see the switch in number of
saveset being cloned which means that either the problem is at the point
where previous saveset is finished with cloning or next one should start.  I
never did debug investigation as this problem was not severe for me so far
(small breaks).  Most of the clones I do are disk to tape and I never so it
there, but rather when doing tape to tape cloning.

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