[Networker] Interminent problem with clone operation Networker 7.1.2/Solaris

2005-04-19 03:13:14
Subject: [Networker] Interminent problem with clone operation Networker 7.1.2/Solaris
From: Dimitris Liappis <jlreate03 AT YAHOO.CO DOT UK>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 02:58:46 -0400
Hi all,

I have a very interesting cloning problem in our site here and I wonder if
has seen something similar.

With networker 7.1.2 on Solaris 9 (Sun 280R), 2 IBM LTO/2 tape drives on an
IBM 3584 library through 2GBps SAN fabric I try to manually clone a number
of savesets that constitute a full backup.

The content is about 181 savesets totalling to ~ 640GB.

The command is something like:

nsrclone -S `mminfo -r ssid -q '!incomplete,savetime>=last
sunday,savetime<last monday'`

The operation starts fine, mounting a new tape from the default clone pool
as a destination tape and goes on at really high speeds (average 40-
50MB/sec) for some time -- maximum that I have seen is 35 minutes.

After that the clone command just does not do anything. It does not exit,
it just seems to be doing nothing. The nsrwatch shows no activity and the
performance statistics from the switches show nothing either.

This is not a consistent behaviour as to when it will happen; I have seen
it succesfully cloning 40 or 50 savesets or 70GBs out of the total but at
some point it just stops doing anything.

If I let the thing just run it never exits and since the drives are
occupied by it, the scheduled backups will not start either. As soon as I
press CTRL-C on the nsrclone command it releases the drives and everything
continues normally.

If I try cloning a few savesets manually the operation succeds perfectly.

I should note here that even with the failed big cloning operation, if I
check certain savesets (the ones that seem to have succeeded) with mminfo
they seem to show number of copies = 2 therefore I assume they have been
cloned properly.

Any ideas as to the reason behind that? The fiber switches do not show any
extensive errors or anything out of the ordinary.



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