[Networker] Feedback Requested on potential new enhancement products for NetWorker

2005-04-11 01:06:42
Subject: [Networker] Feedback Requested on potential new enhancement products for NetWorker
From: Siobhan Ellis <Siobhan.Ellis AT ENSTOR DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 15:01:20 +1000
Hello everyone,
Having left EMC Legato and joined a ENSTOR, a reseller in Australia, I've
been asked to look at turning some of our software into products. I'd like
to ask if anyone would mind looking at the software we've developed and give
me feedback on its usefulness and value, effectively acting as a beta site.
We have the following:
* Library Control Manager
Powerful Library Control too to allow easy movement of tapes in and out of
libraries, reducing the need to inventory tapes and minimising operator
intervention in the process. Provides reports for all operations, so system
administrators can readily know what volumes were moved, and when.*
Recycling Manager
Provides true pool based recycling for NetWorker, with notifications of
volume return requirements for easier media tracking. Organisations can
return to a simpler configuration that still meets their backup
requirements.* Cloning Manager
An advanced cloning solution suitable for organisations running multiple
savegroups simultaneously overnight. Cloning Manager performs cloning after
all backups have completed, thus eliminating the impact NetWork's automated
cloning makes during the backup process. Supports both simple and complex
cloning rules, and provides comprehensive cloning reports upon conclusion.*
Explorer Manager
An interactive NetWorker assistant that provides considerable extensions to
standard NetWorker GUIs. Features include: diagnosis wizards, pool
utilisation graphing, business group reporting, mminfo query builder, log
file analyser and configuration reporter,
file-finder, just to name a few. - VMware ESX Module
A module that enables snapshots to be taken of virtual machines, and for
backups to be run at the ESX server level, making ESX server even more cost
effective and efficient compared to treating each Virtual Machine as a
seperate client. - High Density File System Performance Module
A Module that enables High Density File Systems to be backed up with
multipke streams, improving the overall  performance of the backup. It does
this by splitting up the file system by directories, so that each individual
stream is a seperate directory.
Regards and thanks in advance
Siobhán Ellis
Senior Technology Consultant
Level 10, 118 Alfred St
Milsons Point
NSW 2061
Mobile: +61 424 750 544
Phone: +61 2 9900 2100
Fax: +61 2 9900 2199
e-mail: siobhan.ellis AT DOT au

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