[Networker] WOW ! - moving a NetWorker server from UNIX to Windows?

2004-12-02 22:29:17
Subject: [Networker] WOW ! - moving a NetWorker server from UNIX to Windows?
From: "Ballinger, John M" <john.ballinger AT PNL DOT GOV>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 19:28:25 -0800
Simple question:  Can one move from a UNIX(Solaris) NetWorker Server over to 
Windows(Win2k or Win2k3) ?

Is there an official document for doing this?
Has anyone done it ?

I've replaced hardware and installed the same OS type and version before 
without problems.
But I've never moved OS's.
What about the indexes.  I have them spread across 4 filesystems including the 
default one relative to the installation tree.  That I can deal with manually 
if necessary.
I believe I have ~25GB of index (350 clients and retention of 3Months and 
Browse of 2 months).

thanks - John

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