Re: [BackupPC-users] Empty emails not being sent?

2011-03-10 05:15:28
Subject: Re: [BackupPC-users] Empty emails not being sent?
From: "Tyler J. Wagner" <tyler AT tolaris DOT com>
To: "General list for user discussion, questions and support" <backuppc-users AT lists.sourceforge DOT net>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 10:14:08 +0000
On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 10:04 +0000, Tyler J. Wagner wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 09:16 +0000, Wayne Trevena wrote:
> > Now, on the main home page for a host, I get a message line saying, Last 
> > email sent to <username> was at 3/10 09:09, subject "".
> I see that for hosts for whom an email address (user) has been set, but
> no email has ever been sent. The date is always the last wakeup period.
> A bit of error handling there would not go amiss. Hmmm...

Attached is a patch for lib/BackupPC/CGI/ which corrects
this. If no email has ever been sent (last email subject is undefined),
it simply doesn't output the "Last email sent" line.

I can't find a BackupPC bug tracking system online, except via Debian or
Ubuntu. I'll submit this to the backuppc-devel list. Does anyone know
how bug reports are ordinarily filed?


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