[ADSM-L] How to backup Exchange full using multiple concurrent sessions

2016-04-26 20:59:48
Subject: [ADSM-L] How to backup Exchange full using multiple concurrent sessions
From: "Schaub, Steve" <Steve_Schaub AT BCBST DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 00:58:20 +0000
TDP 6.4.1, moving to 7.1.4 very soon.

We are having some single-stream throughput issues and while I wait for that 
resolution, I need to find a way to shrink my full Exchange database backup 
So far, I have not found anything easy built in, for example the "/stripes=x" 
parm I can use for SQL Server.
Barring that, testing scripting logic to run multiple concurrent databases has 
been problematic.

I keep seeing this error, making me think the CAD is somehow limiting me from 
running multiple command line specific backups of different databases?
Both CAD and the Remote Client Agent are installed & running.

"ANS2619S The Client Acceptor Daemon was unable to start the Remote Client 

Using this command in powershell:
& .\TDPEXCC BACKUP $myDatabase FULL /SkipIntegrityCheck /DAGNode=EXCHANGE2010 
/BackupMethod=VSS /BackupDestination=TSM /LogFile=$myTsmSchedLog

Looks like the first one in works, the one that tries to run next gets a rc=418

What am I missing?

Steve Schaub
Systems Engineer II, Backup/Recovery
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
423-535-6574 (desk)
423-785-7347 (cell)

Please see the following link for the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee E-mail 

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