[ADSM-L] TDP Node Replication - active only

2015-08-17 16:32:44
Subject: [ADSM-L] TDP Node Replication - active only
From: "Nixon, Charles D. (David)" <cdnixon AT CARILIONCLINIC DOT ORG>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 20:28:33 +0000
We have been using node replication for a couple years now with out a problem 
on 6.3.x.  We only replicate active data.  Two weeks ago we upgraded our 
destination system to and last week one of our source systems.  That 
was Tuesday.  Thursday/Friday all of the TDP for SQL nodes started sending full 
backups where the occupancy on each side is the same except we have a 7 day 
retention on the source.  To my knowledge: nothing was changed later in the 
week, everything is set to replicate active data only, only the TDP nodes seem 
to be impacted.  Any ideas?  I have opened a ticket but IBM's slow to respond...

source config <truncated>:

q status
Default Replication Rule for Archive: ALL_DATA
Default Replication Rule for Backup: ACTIVE_DATA
Default Replication Rule for Space Management: ALL_DATA

tsm: TSMPRD02>q copy tdpsql f=d
Policy Domain Name: TDPSQL
Policy Set Name: ACTIVE
Mgmt Class Name: TDPSQL_MC
Copy Group Name: STANDARD
Copy Group Type: Backup
Versions Data Exists: No Limit
Versions Data Deleted: No Limit
Retain Extra Versions: 7
Retain Only Version: 7
Copy Mode: Modified
Copy Serialization: Shared Dynamic
Copy Frequency: 0
Copy Destination: FP01
Table of Contents (TOC) Destination:
Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
Last Update Date/Time: 12/24/1309:36:43
Managing profile:
Changes Pending: No

q node <sample node>
Backup Replication Rule: DEFAULT
Archive Replication Rule: DEFAULT
Space Management Replication Rule: DEFAULT

q file <sample node>
Backup Replication Rule Name: DEFAULT
Backup Replication Rule State: Enabled
Archive Replication Rule Name: DEFAULT
Archive Replication Rule State: Enabled
Space Management Replication Rule Name: DEFAULT
Space Management Replication Rule State: Enabled

David Nixon
System Programmer II, Enterprise Storage Team
Carilion Clinic | 451 Kimball Avenue | Roanoke, VA 24016
540.224.3903 (Work)
540.525.8000 (Mobile)


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