[ADSM-L] hsm for windows and include / exclude

2012-11-27 16:06:45
Subject: [ADSM-L] hsm for windows and include / exclude
From: "Lee, Gary" <GLEE AT BSU DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 21:01:56 +0000
Anyone out there playing with hsm for windows, are there any of the include or 
exclude statements useable in the dsm.opt?

We are trying to implement a university wide policy of moving all files not 
accessed in A specified time to tsm storage.
I would like to automate this as much as possible.  Our backups are set with a 
default set of includes and excludes, so that our schedules use the standard 
incremental command.

I want to try and create something similar for hsm.

Any help and insites are appreciated.

Gary Lee
Senior System Programmer
Ball State University
phone: 765-285-1310


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