Re: [ADSM-L] Neutering a test server

2012-05-14 12:23:54
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Neutering a test server
From: "Allen S. Rout" <asr AT UFL DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 12:10:20 -0400
On 05/14/2012 09:45 AM, Zoltan Forray/AC/VCU wrote:

What else can I do to neuter it to avoid possible problems?
I would say:

+ delete the paths from this server to the tape drives
+ delete the paths from this server to the library
+ Remove this server from the FC zone that can access the library and

That ought to keep you from overwriting tapes.

If you get errors about failed communications attempts, I'd consider
that not a huge deal.

In this same vein, is there a simple way to remove the current
instance and install/configure another one?

My firm opinion on this is that you _want_ to wipe and rebuild when
you reinstall.  You ought to have your configuration control well
enough in place that this doesn't occupy a lot of human time.  And if
it's not quite there, each burn-and-restart iteration is another
opportunity to improve the automation.

- Allen S. Rout

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