[ADSM-L] SV: TSM6.1 on Linux

2009-07-08 00:51:38
Subject: [ADSM-L] SV: TSM6.1 on Linux
From: Christian Svensson <Christian.Svensson AT CRISTIE DOT SE>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 06:50:03 +0200
Hi Geoff,
As I said to you in the last email.
If you install Linux and use a supported platform such SuSE Enterprise Linux 
(SLES) or RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) you will have a good start.
If you install a minimal SLES or RHEL make sure you have following packages 
installed on your server because this is what TSM DB2 require

* Read/Write access to /etc/inittab
* RPM Builder (standard for SLES and RHEL)
* java-sun5
* libstdc++5 (Also called libstdc++33 or compat-libstdc++-33)
* libaio, libaio0 and libaio1
* GNU C Library (also called glibc)
* SELinux must be set to permissive or disable mode.

If you talk to IBM you need following packages installed as minimum.

GNU C libraries, Version 2.3.3-98.38 or later
IBM Java 1.5
Selinux must be set to permissive or disabled

If I where you. Make sure you choose a operating system that you and your team 
can easy administrate. 
Sure AIX is more stable then Linux but Linux has a lot of good stuff coming out 
during 09Q4 and 2010 that will speed up Linux A LOT!!!! Keep your eyes open for 
Tux3, Btrfs and EXT4 filesystems. They will probably speed up your TSM 
database/log and storage pools.
And we have customers that backup 22TB+ every night on TSM 5.5 based on 
multiple Windows Server 2003 x64. Sure it will be less nodes per TSM Server but 
it is at least a operating system they TSM Admins can support and make sure it 

Best Regards
Christian Svensson

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Ämne: Re: TSM6.1 on Linux

> May I enquire why you'd want to replace the most robust OS on the
> planet (AIX) on your p series with Linux? Not that I don't like Linux,
> I just think AIX is superior.

I've had this conversation with the folks who, I'm sure if you ask them,
know better than me. There is a move to 'consolidate' everything around
here with those in charge, I guess, thinking it's going to cut costs and
'make things easier'. They ask me who knows AIX in case I'm not around
too. Added together both mean nothing to me since from what I've seen
AIX is perfectly easy to learn by those who have been using UNIX for

Looks to me like the maintenance cost of RedHat 5 and AIX are comparable
so there isn't much savings there if any. Because linux runs on the p
series they are pretty much telling me it won't be AIX. So far the
learning curve for me, along with research, install failures, more
research, missing packages, more research, bad documentation and more
research is outweighing any reason they can come up with for wanting to
go Linux.

Then again, what do I know.

> given that I always think that the best platform to run TSM on is the
> one you are most familiar with, stick with AIX! Linux is great,
> really, but AIX is better.


Geoff Gill
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> Subject: Re: TSM6.1 on Linux
> On 7 jul 2009, at 19:34, Gill, Geoffrey L. wrote:
> > For those that tested 6.1 in a Linux environment I'm looking for any
> > problems you had. During my testing on AIX and Windows I had
> > during the installation which were always DB2 related. I'm getting
> > ready
> > to bring up TSM on a Linux box and am looking for your experience.
> > This
> > is a new installation not an upgrade. This is a test but I really
> > to get a working environment up as quickly and easily as possible.
> > the end I will blow this away and bring it up on an IBM p series box
> > running Linux which will hopefully be just as easy but for now this
> > just a test on a blade I was given till the other hardware arrives.
> >
> I've installed 6.1 on debian and opensuse. Unfortunately, TSM 6.1 on a
> minimal install is untested (and not very well documented) and the
> deployment engine will fail in horrible ways. If you just install
> opensuse including a gui, java, ksh and more (select everything), it
> will work quite easily. One thing: Linux on x86 is only supported in
> 64 bit mode! Another thing, make 100% sure that you local hostname
> (output of hostname) is not mapped to but to a real IP
> address of your server. There is some misfeature in DB2 that actually
> depends on real TCP/IP communications to the localhost based on the
> hostname (rather than
> On debian I did a few tricks (bypassing the DE), and all was fine. I
> have a feeling that debian is a better OS for running TSM than
> OpenSUSE (or bypassing the DE is a good idea, take your pick ;-)).
> >
> >
> > I will direct 2 LTO2 drives to this box from the 3584 along with a
> > that is coming in this week. Learning Linux from scratch so I really
> > have no idea how these devices are even found. I have SAN disk
> > displayed
> > for DB and I need to figure out how to get all that set up too,
> > unfortunately it's not something I've figured out. I can tap some
> > other
> > Linux resources here for help with that I hope. I'm taking notes on
> > what
> > I've done with specific commands since I certainly won't remember it
> > tomorrow. I really hate asking for documents others have put
> > but in this case, since I'm being pressured to get this going, I
> > certainly would appreciate anything others have put together if
> > may have something already.
> >
> given that I always think that the best platform to run TSM on is the
> one you are most familiar with, stick with AIX! Linux is great,
> really, but AIX is better.
> >
> >
> > Thanks for any info you can provide.
> >
> >
> >
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