Re: [ADSM-L] Backup on VMWARE ESX

2007-08-29 08:12:15
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Backup on VMWARE ESX
From: Stef Coene <stef.coene AT DOCUM DOT ORG>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 14:10:14 +0200
On Wednesday 29 August 2007, Wojtek Pięcek wrote:
> > For backup of the vmdk files, I adapted my custom script for ESC 2.x to
> > 3.x (in stead of redo logs you have to snapshot) so I can online backup
> > the vmdk files.  Works flawless.
> > For a all-in-one backup script, google for vmbk.
> Why not use client at virtual machine level? It have better gradiation
> (single file). Yes, restoring all machine is very complicated for
> client level backup.
We do weekly backups of the vmdk files.  We also backup the server it self 
with the TSM client.

It takes 30 minutes to restore a running server from a vmdk backup.
So the vmdk file backup is for quick DR restores and the TSM client is used 
for single file/directory restores.
We once tried to extend the C: disk: 50% chance that this went wrong and we 
had to restore the C: disk.  But since it took only 30 min to restore the 
server, we dould try untill it worked.


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