[ADSM-L] Getting more info: objects excluded by size

2007-08-09 11:03:20
Subject: [ADSM-L] Getting more info: objects excluded by size
From: Roger Deschner <rogerd AT UIC DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 10:01:29 -0500
We occasionally see these messages in the server activity log:

ANR0521W Transaction failed for session 911741 for node JOHNDOE (Mac) -
object excluded by size in storage pool STGPOOL and all successor pools.
(SESSION: 911741)

...but that's all the information I get. So I call up JOHNDOE on the
telephone, and they are barely aware that they are backing up, much less
that they have a problem, and get the usual response, "Huh?" A request
for them to look in their own dsmerror.log file is met by a second

What I need is more information. I need to know JOHNDOE's file name and
domain that they are attempting to back up. I need to know how large the
file is that they're trying to back up. That way, I can do something
more creative, such as spoon feed them with an EXCLUDE statement. Often
this is how I detect attempts to back up live databases, which is
useless, so I could help them develop a better way to back up the

But the problem is I get no information beyond the node name. This is a
case where real data is not being backed up, so I have a duty to
investigate. I suppose I could restore their dsmerror.log file and look
in there, but that's way too much work for an already overburdened TSM

How can I get this information?

Roger Deschner      University of Illinois at Chicago     rogerd AT uic DOT edu
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