Re: [ADSM-L] Configuring IBM LTO-4 DFA Drives in Solaris

2007-08-09 04:04:52
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] Configuring IBM LTO-4 DFA Drives in Solaris
From: Ibán Bernaldo de Quirós Márquez <Iban.Bernaldodequiros AT SUN DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 10:02:39 +0200

Extract from IBMtape.README..... for Qlogic HBA's and SUN Branded HBA's(Qlogic):
Configure with QLogic FC HBA
a) Run QLogic SANSurfer or SANblade Control FX utility to find and record the
target and
      lun of tape device
  b) Add the entry in the end of /usr/kernel/drv/IBMtape.conf
      name="IBMtape" parent="qla2100" target=0; for qla2100 only
      name="IBMtape" parent="qla2200" target=0; for qla2200 only
      name="IBMtape" parent="qla2300" target=0; for qla2300 only
c) Update the entry for the device in IBMtape.conf if needed, the current ent
ry in
     IBMtape.conf is added up to target 255 with Lun 0 and 1.
For instance, add an entry for a mapped device with a traget 200 and lun 3
       name="IBMtape" class="scsi" target=200 lun=3;
  d) Unload and reload IBMtape driver
      # /opt/IBMtape/tmd -s
      # rem_drv IBMtape
      # add_drv -m '* 0666 bin bin' IBMtape
      # /opt/IBMtape/tmd
e) Display the configured devices information running /opt/IBMtape/tapelist -l
Configure with Sun FC HBA
  a) Attach IBM tape devices on the host
  b) Install the appropriate version of Sun HBA driver
c) Run # cfgadm -al to display the configuration between HBA and the tape dev
Run # cfgadm -c configure device to configure the tape device with the HBA
if needed
  d) Install the IBMtape tape driver
  e) Add the following appropriate lines in /etc/driver_aliases
     IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pXXX"
     IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.pXXX"

where 01 is the type of tape drive and 08 is the type of medium changer, XXX is the product ID string in the standard inquiry data. In an example,
for IBM
LTO-2 drive with the product ID of ULT3580-TD2, XXX is ULT3580-TD2. The ab
ove entry
     needs to be add in the file.
            IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD2"

     A list of the entry for the supported IBM tape devices:
      For the tape drives:
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD1"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULTRIUM-TD1"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD2"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULTRIUM-TD2"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD3"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULTRIUM-TD3"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.p03590B1A"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.p03590E1A"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.p03590H1A"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.p03592J1A"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.p03592E05"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULTRIUM-TD4"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD4"

      For the medium changers,
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p03584L32"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p03584L22"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.pULT3582-TL"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.pULT3583-TL"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.pULT3581-TA"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.pULT3581-TA2"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p03590B11"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p03590E11"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p03590H11"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p3576-MTL"
      IBMtape "scsiclass,08.vIBM.p3573-TL"

The entry is also added running # update_drv command on Solaris 8 (need patch 111804-03),
        Solaris 9 and later version OS. For example,
           # update_drv -av -i '"scsiclass,01.vIBM.pULT3580-TD2"' IBMtape

  f) Reboot the system running # reboot -- -r
g) Run # /opt/IBMtape/tapelist -l to display the configured tape devices information
Hope this helps !!!! Remember that if you are using SUN Branded HBA you
will have to update the driver_aliases file with the update_drv command

Josef Weingand wrote:
do you use Qlogic firmware&driver or SUN firmware&driver (SUN branded HBA)? You need follow the information on the readme of the driver ->
8. Configuring with Fibre Channel HBAs

Depending if you use native Qlogic or SUN branded Qlogic follow the steps for either qlogic or SUN.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
Josef Weingand
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Kelly Lipp <lipp AT STORSERVER DOT COM> Sent by: "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU>
09.08.2007 05:22
Please respond to


[ADSM-L] Configuring IBM LTO-4 DFA Drives in Solaris

Trying to configure and use the IBMtape driver in Solaris with LTO-4 DFA
drives.  Qlogic QLA-2342 is the card.
We've loaded the IBMtape driver. Have not rebooted with the -r to
reconfigure yet.  Looking to understand how to set up IBMtape.conf
before we do that.
Anybody with a similar LTO2,3, or 4 configuration probably holds the key
for me!  I'll go with "Hey, I'm not the Solaris guy so help me out..."
as my excuse for ignorance here.
As always, thanks in advance. Kelly J. Lipp
VP Manufacturing & CTO
STORServer, Inc.
485-B Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
lipp AT storserver DOT com

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