Network config issues

2004-04-29 20:05:04
Subject: Network config issues
From: Steve Harris <Steve_Harris AT HEALTH.QLD.GOV DOT AU>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 10:02:54 +1000
A question for all you network gurus.

I don't really understand all this modern network stuff ( - ah SNA - there was 
a technology I could grok :) )  So apologies if I make any obvious mistakes.

Our main data centre has just growed over the years.  Currently each 
application has more or less its own switch, subnet and VLAN set up.

Currently TSM backs up clients on two of these subnets and the server has 
gigabit interfaces into each.  We are how expanding our reach and need to 
address *all* subnets.

The issue is that for clients outside of the two directly addressed subnets,  
traffic appears to run through the core router of the network ( this is where 
my understanding gets hazy), but in any case we can only get about 3MB/sec 
throughput this way (tsm, ftp, whatever).  This is unacceptable, but obviously 
we can't just keep adding network interfaces.  Even if it was acceptable, I'm 
sure the network people would complain about the load on a key piece of 

So ideally, I want the  TSM server to be on *every* subnet.  As I understand 
it, if I get the server port configured to see all traffic on all vlans, and 
then provide an IP alias on  that adapter on each subnet, then after the 
switches have resolved the adapter mac address, the switching is done direct at 
a lower level and the bottleneck is removed.


1. Is my understanding of the cause of the bottleneck correct?  If not, what 
else could it be?
2. Is it possible to set up a switch port to see all vlans?  
3. Is it necessary to set up an alias on every subnet? Some of them don't have 
spare addresses.

Thanks for your help


Steve Harris
AIX and TSM Admin
Queensland Health, Brisbane Australia.

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