Re: How to figure out why Log got pinned - afterwards

2004-04-26 17:35:42
Subject: Re: How to figure out why Log got pinned - afterwards
From: Paul Zarnowski <psz1 AT CORNELL DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 17:28:47 -0400

You might want to look into some of the new additions to "Define dbb", such
as "mininterval" and "minlogfreepct".  They can help to alleviate problems
like the one you ran into.  They cause TSM to not run another incr db bkp
unless a certain amount of time has elapsed and/or a certain percentage of
the log will actually be freed up by running the db backup.


At 01:59 PM 4/26/2004 -0500, Dwight Cook wrote:
Look for an NT box that had a session canceled due to a timeout value being

04/23/2004 23:37:24  ANR0481W Session 834 for node XXXXXXXX (WinNT)
                      terminated - client did not respond within 7800
                      (SESSION: 834)

That sucker pinned my log and triggered about 200+ full data base backups
because each full db backup didn't free enough log space!


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Over the weekend, my Log got pinned and it filled up, severely
interrupting a barbecue. (Murphy's Law in action: My pager went off
WHILE the steaks were on the grill.)

Now that it is all mopped up (and the easily available evidence is
thereby destroyed) how can I figure out how this happened? (I know, I
should have entered a SHOW LOGPIN command, but I didn't. It didn't occur
to me until a search of long afterward.) Are there any telltale
signs I can search for in the Activity Log? Or in the Accounting file?

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