Re: using more than one library in one storagepool

2004-04-22 09:44:54
Subject: Re: using more than one library in one storagepool
From: Paul Zarnowski <psz1 AT CORNELL DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 09:44:12 -0400

TSM will not allow you to use more than one library per storage
pool.  Here's why:
- A storage pool is associated with a specific device class.
- A device class is associated with a specific library.

However - since you are using an ADIC library, you *might* be able to use
an ADIC product called SDLC.  This allows you to create logical
libraries.  We use it here to divide our physical Scalar 10k up into
multiple logical libraries.  But, I think it is also possible to define a
logical library that spans physical libraries - I'm not sure about this.  I
also don't know if the SDLC is supported in a Scalar 1K environment, or if
it would be cost effective.


At 01:46 PM 4/22/2004 +0200, anton walde wrote:
But now our question:

Is it possible to use two or more libraries from one storeagepool? This
means could we write data for a storagepool in library 1 AND library 2
without thinking about where the data is stored but to let TSM decide where
it would like to put the data. Or will we have to decide which storagepool
uses library 1 and which uses library 2?

Hope to hear from anybody soon.

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