using more than one library in one storagepool

2004-04-22 07:47:22
Subject: using more than one library in one storagepool
From: anton walde <nummer5lebt AT GMX DOT DE>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 13:46:28 +0200
Hi there.

I have the following problem:

We have a ADIC SCALAR100 Library with LTO1-Tapes. Now the library is filled
with 72 tapes and there are no more slots free. But we need more capacity,
so we decided the following:
1. changing from LTO1 to LTO2 in the library we have or
2. buy a second library with LTO2.

We think we know how to handle case 1: we would implement new LTO2-Drives,
change the existing Scratchtapes from LTO1 to LTO2 and move the data from
LTO1-Tapes to LTO2-tapes manually and continue to do so until all LTO1-tapes
are changed against LTO2-tapes and that's it.

But now our question:

Is it possible to use two or more libraries from one storeagepool? This
means could we write data for a storagepool in library 1 AND library 2
without thinking about where the data is stored but to let TSM decide where
it would like to put the data. Or will we have to decide which storagepool
uses library 1 and which uses library 2?

Hope to hear from anybody soon.

Robert Fijan

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