Query for finding backups in a specific copy pool

2004-04-21 18:37:25
Subject: Query for finding backups in a specific copy pool
From: "Kamp, Bruce" <bkamp AT MHS DOT NET>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:36:52 -0400
I moved a node from 1 mgmt class to another.  The new mgmt class goes to a
different disk pool & offsite copy pool.  I did this about a year ago but
when I do a q occ I still see backups in the old offsite pool.
I did a move nodedata to move the onsite backups then a backup stg pool to
move the backups to the new offsite stgpool.
One I would like to find out what is hanging around in the olld stgpool.
Also any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
This is the setup of the mgmt class:
Versions Data Exists 5
Versions Data Deleted 2
Retain Extra Versions 30
Retain Only Version 60

I am running v5.2.1.2 on AIX & the node in question is AIX 4.3.3 with client.

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