Re: Exclude on AIX (part 2)

2004-04-21 05:38:32
Subject: Re: Exclude on AIX (part 2)
From: "Loon, E.J. van - SPLXM" <Eric-van.Loon AT KLM DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 11:37:56 +0200
Hi Steve!
Now what if an extra filespace is created in the sharedvg? You will have to
modify your backup script. This is something we don't want, because that's
something that will most likely be forgotten in the daily practice.
So, what I would like to know is, how do you automate this? Is building your
own scripts (using the utilities Jeroen mentioned) the only (and best?)
Kindest regards,
Eric van Loon
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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From: Steve Harris [mailto:Steve_Harris AT HEALTH.QLD.GOV DOT AU]
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 10:00
Subject: Re: Exclude on AIX (part 2)


Use another client node for shared data - we have one per app in the

It fails over with the app and has domain statements that restrict it to
back up just its own filesystems. Use the PASSWDDIR option to keep the
encrypted password with the data.  You will need to implement domain
statements for the nodes that backup the non-shared portions of your

In our case if the app lives on filesystems /p201, /p202 etc...

We have a /p201/app/tsm directory containing app_dsm.opt and TSM.PWD and the
The app_dsm.opt file looks like
DOMAIN /p201 /p202 (in our case /p203 and /p204 exist but are the  Database
filespaces for this app)

and we have the same dsm.sys on all servers in the cluster

SErvername             BLAH
    nodename            blah
    COMMmethod      TCPip
    tcpclientaddress   Blah
    HTTPPORT           1611
    PASSWDDIR        /p201/app/tsm
    PasswordAccess     generate
    schedmode          prompted
    managedservices    schedule webclient
    errorlogname       /p201/app/tsm/dsmerror.log
    errorlogretention  7
    schedlogname       /p201/app/tsm/dsmsched.log
    schedlogretention  7

We just increment the HTTPPort by one for each new app we define

Startup scripts run dsmcad -optfile=/p201/app/tsm/app_dsm.opt.

This currently is running well on sun/veritas.  In the past we ran it in an
AIX/hacmp environment that never made it into production.



Steve Harris
AIX and TSM Admin
Queensland Health, Brisbane Australia

>>> Eric-van.Loon AT KLM DOT COM 21/04/2004 17:34:45 >>>
Hi *SM-ers!
Ok, I understand that include.fs is not available on AIX, so that will make
things more difficult.
Let me first explain what our AIX guys try to accomplish, maybe we are
trying to re-invent the wheel.
We are trying to create a standard backup solution for our HACMP clusters.
To put is simple: we want to backup all filesystems which are part of the
sharedvg. We would like to create a standard script, which can be used on
all HACMP nodes.
How do other people solve this?
Thank you very much for your reply in advance!
Kindest regards,
Eric van Loon
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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From: Richard Sims [mailto:rbs AT BU DOT EDU]
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 16:16
Subject: Re: Exclude on AIX

>Hi Richard!
>Thank you very much for your reply!
>We don't use server defined include-excludes, so that's not the problem.
>We currently tried the following:
>exclude.fs *
>include.fs /home
>include.fs /usr
>Backup now finishes in 1 second. I've had them issue a q inclexcl which
>shows the correct statements and when they start the GUI, you can see that
>no filespaces are listed through the backup window. That explains why
>finishes so quickly, but it's still not what we want to accomplish...

But your backups now run so much faster!  :-)
Checking the Unix client manual, I find no such "Include.FS" option, so what
you probably want to do is "Include /home/.../*".
Would that Query Inclexcl flagged such things.


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