Re: TDP/SQL and Striping

2004-04-20 03:11:34
Subject: Re: TDP/SQL and Striping
From: Yiannakis Vakis <yiannakis.vakis AT ITD.BANKOFCYPRUS DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 10:11:06 +0300
You should edit the file C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPSql\tdpsql.cfg and
add (or change) the stripes parameter to 2.

STRIPes      2

I'm concerned about your performance. Of course that depends on the LAN
infrastructure you have. We use a Gbit network and a 190GB dbase is backed
up in about 3 hours. We do have STRIPES 2 and max mount points 2.


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TSM server v5.1.5.2 running on IBM mainframe. OS is Z/OS 1.4
TSM Client v4.1.5.0
TDP version 2.2.1
SQL Server 7.0

I have a 20gb SQL database that takes slightly more than an hour to backup
using TDP and a 200gb SQL database taking 15 hours to backup using TDP.

I am considering using striping. I have read the redbook and the TSM/SQL
installation and Users guide and have evrything setup, or so i thought.

Collocation on FILESPACES
Node MAXNUMMP set to 8 mount points
Device Class set to Mount Limit 8
TXNGROUPMAX set to 256
The 20gb database is on one physical disk
The 200gb database is spread across 3 physical volumes

When i backup, it only uses a single thread, i.e. one mount point. Do i
need to ask our Database Admin guys to put striping on the SQL database?
The manuals were'nt clear about this

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