Re: Netware 6.5 and TSM 5.2.2

2004-04-19 13:07:45
Subject: Re: Netware 6.5 and TSM 5.2.2
From: Zoltan Forray/AC/VCU <zforray AT VCU DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:02:20 -0400
Not sure if this will help, but I found a reference to a Novell TID that
talks about "Backup applications that are not Cluster enabled. "

It is:  10065605

"ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU> wrote on 04/19/2004
09:58:17 AM:

> Every question seems to relate to Novell when I am on here...We just
> upgraded our NetWare Cluster servers (4) to 6.5. Upgraded TSM to 5.2.2
> and all seemed well. Until I started to look at the log reports and
> found out TSM was not backing up the San volumes on the Cluster. It will
> back up the SYS: volume on all Clusters , but will not back up any SAN
> volumes associated to the Cluster. I have not changed anything on TSM
> and have upgraded all my other Novell clients without problems. Granted
> all the other Novell Servers are not Cluster Servers, but has anyone
> seen or had this problem? Thank You!

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