Netware 6.5 and TSM 5.2.2

2004-04-19 12:50:48
Subject: Netware 6.5 and TSM 5.2.2
From: Mark Hayden <MHayden AT EPA.STATE.IL DOT US>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 08:58:17 -0500
Every question seems to relate to Novell when I am on here...We just
upgraded our NetWare Cluster servers (4) to 6.5. Upgraded TSM to 5.2.2
and all seemed well. Until I started to look at the log reports and
found out TSM was not backing up the San volumes on the Cluster. It will
back up the SYS: volume on all Clusters , but will not back up any SAN
volumes associated to the Cluster. I have not changed anything on TSM
and have upgraded all my other Novell clients without problems. Granted
all the other Novell Servers are not Cluster Servers, but has anyone
seen or had this problem? Thank You!

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