creating copy pools

2004-04-16 02:10:11
Subject: creating copy pools
From: Geetha Thanu <geeta AT CDFD.ORG DOT IN>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:11:04 -0700
Hello all,

I was having some 15 cartridges and was taking backup and
having database of 6gb.

Now found that the quality of cartridges are not good and
struggled lot to retrive the data.

The supplier has accepted the bad quality of the tapes and
agreed to replace the entrie tapes.

So I will get all new tapes and do not want the old data also.

My questions are:

1. Since the old databases are not required how to delete it.
I like to start entriely new and I do not want any old values.

2. Now as you all suggested before like to have copy pools for
any data that is taken backup.
So how to start with?

Please give me some hints about the correct way of achieving both.

Thank you

Geetha Thanu


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