Any experience with Sepaton VTL

2004-04-16 10:37:51
Subject: Any experience with Sepaton VTL
From: "Johnson, Milton" <milton.johnson AT CITIGROUP DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:35:15 -0400
I got a call from a rep asking if I was interested in a Sepaton S2100
VTL (Virtual Tape Library) ( It's billed as:
* a fiber connected SATA RAID Virtual Tape Library Appliance
* 3-200 TB Capacity / 1.6 TB/hour throughput
* configure up to 200 virtual tape drives
* Emulates various tape libraries
* serviced by IBM
* works with TSM

You would:
* define the VTL as a primary storage pool, called say SEPPOOL, and
point all your backups to SEPPOOL
* define SEPPOOL's "next stg pool" to be your traditional TAPEPOOL

Your present tape library would be used to cut, read and reclaim
off-site tapes and as a backup in case you unexpectedly fill up SEPPOOL.
There would be no need for collocation because of the speed of the VTL.
There would be no need for a DISKPOOL or migrations.  You could
effectively  reclaim off-site tapes with as few as 1 drive in your real
tape library.  It will also wash your car, mow your lawn and cure the
common cold (OK, I exaggerating a little).  I'm not sure on the pricing,
somewhere around $30K/3.6TB US dollars.

My questions include where's the down side?  What's the catch?  If your
choice is between expanding by purchasing a second 3494 frame or a S2100
VTL, why choose a 3494 frame?

H. Milton Johnson
UNIX Systems Administrator - USCC San Antonio, TX
Email: milton.johnson AT citigroup DOT com 

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