Re: Third stgpool question

2004-04-15 10:44:42
Subject: Re: Third stgpool question
From: Mark Bertrand <Mark.Bertrand AT USUNWIRED DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:41:21 -0500
Thanks Mark and Tom,

I think we will lean towards export. If we use the new management class I
will have to tie up the client for another backup period, so I believe we
need to work with the data that already resides on TSM.

Has anyone worked with 'export node' on a regular bases? Any gotcha's? I
found this in the help file:

     Because of unpredictable results, do not run expiration, migration,
     backup, or archive when issuing the EXPORT NODE command.

How critical is this note? Also, what does the 'export node' command do to
my node data, will I still be able to use my primary and secondary pools for
normal daily restore processes, or once I do an export is all of that
specific node data "tagged" for import only?

Another line from the help file concerns me:

Use this command to export client node definitions or file data to
sequential media or directly to another server for immediate import.

We are not going to be doing any "immediate imports", hopefully never, since
I would be using this as a backup to the backups backup :D

Also, we are not going to use the complete copy of the existing copypool
because we are not interested in getting the files from all nodes to a third
storage pool, just real important data. But I misspoke when I said copy the
copy pool, what I meant was backup the copypool to a third pool.

>I know I can copy the complete tapepool or copypool over to the third
>storage pool.

That is incorrect. See above.

Wouldn't this work:

Mark Bertrand

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