even/uneven tape cycle / ANR1025W

2004-04-14 04:58:15
Subject: even/uneven tape cycle / ANR1025W
From: Klaas Talsma - KTL <KTalsma AT BELLMICRO.EU DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:56:31 +0100
Hi list,

I've got a client who is working with TSM the following way:

They work with an autoloader.

They wanted to have a 2 week tape cycle with even and uneven weeks and a
2 week period for keeping the tapes.
What I did was create 2 sets of tapes(4 tapes eacht) and 2
diskpools(even and uneven) so in week 13 they backup to diskpool uneven
and in week 14 they backup to diskpool even.
During the week migrations to a normal tapepool take place.
On Monday the tapes will be checked out and they can checkin the other
set of tapes (depending on week).

For my this is a very unusual way to work with TSM and as they are
running into some problems I'm not quite sure how to handle this.
They are getting the following errors:

>ANR0522W Transaction failed for session 10440 for node    
>MERCURIUS (WinNT) - no space available in storagepool
DISKPOOL_ONEVEN_WEEK >and all successor pools. (SESSION:    10440) 

Diskpools get flushed every night so there should be enough space.
> ANR1025W Migration process 424 terminated for storage pool
> DISKPOOL_ONEVEN_WEEK - insufficient space in subordinate storage pool.

> (PROCESS: 424)

To me this is strange because the next storage pool is the tape pool

If anyone has worked with an autoloader or worked with a tape cycle this
way I would like to hear from them.

Thanks in advance


Klaas Talsma

Bell Microproducts Europe BV

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