Re: System Object won't rebind to new mgt class

2002-11-14 13:28:57
Subject: Re: System Object won't rebind to new mgt class
From: "Remeta, Mark" <MRemeta AT SELIGMANDATA DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 13:25:03 -0500
I think of you have a DOMAIN statement in the DSM.OPT that does not include
the system object it will not be backed up. That is how we excluded the
system objects on our Win2k servers. Most have a DOMAIN C: D: etc... in
their DSM.OPT. Maybe this server has the DOMAIN statement therefore the
system object is not being backed up?

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Subject: Re: System Object won't rebind to new mgt class

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Thach, Kevin
> On all of our Win2K servers, we've recently added the following
> line to the client dsm.opt files:
> include.systemobject ALL win_sysobj
> All but 1 client's System Object filespaces have properly rebound
> to the new
> mgt class.  One however, is still bound to the default mgt class
> and I can't
> figure out why.  It HAS backed up since the change, so I know
> that's not it.
> Server is 4.2.3 on AIX 4.3.3 and Win2K client is (same as all the
> others that have worked correctly)
> Any ideas I might try?

Delete the filespace, and let the next client backup take care of it.

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