Re: TCP for Domino client

2001-05-31 08:56:24
Subject: Re: TCP for Domino client
From: Del Hoobler <hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 08:56:25 -0400

Sorry if some of these questions seem silly,
but sometimes the obvious is overlooked...

1. Are you certain the other backups succeeded?
   If you are seeing "active" backups from Day 1,
   then it would normally mean that no other "full"
   backups would have been done.  Otherwise, the Day 1 active
   backups would have been replaced with the later backups
   and forced those to go inactive.
   If you are running "DOMDSMC incremental" type backups,
   then it is possible that those databases may have not
   changed since your first backup, and thus not been
   backed up again.  Keep in mind, "DOMDSMC incremental"
   type backups will only back up logged databases if the
   DBIID has changed and non-logged databases if the
   internal "meta data date" or the internal "data data date"
   has changed.  If you are running in a archival logging mode,
   your nightly changes are capturd by the
   "DOMDSMC ARCHivelog" command.

2. Are you certain they were going to the same TSM server?

3. Are you certain you are using the correct NODENAME?

4. What does the TSM Server show for the
      QUERY OCC nodename *
   Does it show the correct number of files that you expect?
   Keep in mind, this will show active and inactive files.

5. Can you see all of the backups when issuing the

      DOMDSMC Query DBBackup * /INACTIVE /SUBDIR=Yes


6. On the Windows GUI, did you choose "View-->Show active/inactive

Also, keep in mind it does not matter where the backup data is kept,
the database that holds the "information" about the backups is
contained on the TSM Server database volumes (on local disk).
TDP for Domino/TSM Server does not need to go to the "DLT tape" to
see the backups, it only needs to look at the local database volumes.
It only needs to go to the DLT tape if a restore is actually requested.



Del Hoobler
Del Hoobler
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Hello Everyone

     I'm using Tivoli and the Tivoli for Domino client and I'm trying to
restore some databases but I can only see backups from one particular date.
I have a single DLT tape drive and multiple days of backups (scheduled) but
when I try to restore a db all I can see is the initial backup I did
manually on day 1. How can I get the client to "see" the other backups? I
need to do this in order to pass along the backup/restore responsibilities
with as little intervention as possible. The client GUI looks to have
everything needed except my issue.


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