Re: Does TSM check AIX permissions?

2001-05-25 14:14:41
Subject: Re: Does TSM check AIX permissions?
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 14:15:33 -0400
>I couldn't find that when I searched the online doc, but I thought that's
>what it said.  However, in this case, it didn't do so.  The admin says that
>looking at "numerous" files in various filesystems he hasn't found any that
>have a backup date that is the same as the date the permissions were changed.
>> >Should TSM consider the change of AIX permissions to be a modification of
>> >the file, and therefore, back it up.
>>Yes.  See the B/A Client manual, "Backing Up and Restoring Files" chapter,
>>"Backup: Related Topics", "What Does TSM Consider a Changed File".

Hi, Fred -

The B/A client manual has historically failed to address the actual output
that is generated from a backup, though I've prompted the documenters to add
this to the manual: it would help explain the further circumstances of Backup.
When you change the attributes of a file, as done in Unix with chmod or chown
or chgrp, TSM detects that this has happened in that the Unix ctime timestamp
has changed, but leaving atime and mtime alone.  Seeing that the file content
remains unchanged (mtime is the same) but that the attributes have changed, it
will in effect backup the attributes portion of the file, and that should be
reflected in the backup messages with:

 Updating-->                            Leads the line of output from a Backup
                                        operation, as when backup is incited
                                        by the file's ctime (inode
                                        administrative change time) having been
                                        altered, as would be caused by
                                        performing an operation like chmod,
                                        chown, chgrp, gunzip then gzip, or the
                                        like such that only the ctime value

  Richard Sims, BU
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