Re: backup stgpool

2001-05-24 15:05:44
Subject: Re: backup stgpool
From: David Longo <David.Longo AT HEALTH-FIRST DOT ORG>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 15:05:58 -0400
You want to use:
backup stgpool  backupdisk copytape
as example.  Look at back stgp command for options.  This command copies all 
files from backupdisk to the copytape that haven't already been copied.

Yes, this is smart.  If you later do a backup stg for the tape to tape copy, 
that only copies files that migration moved off disk before backup stgp ran.

Migration moves files from disk to tape. Backup stgp copies the files.

That's a quick primer.  There are various details when you start doing it, such 
as do you have more than one primary disk pool, how often will you run the 
backup stgp command.  MOst of theis depends on how much data you have, how many 
stgpools and how many tape drives you have.

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>>> ray AT OPS.SELU DOT EDU 05/24/01 02:32PM >>>
All my nightly backups goto a disk storage pool, and are migrated to tape
later in the day.  I need to start backing up the tape stgpool.

Can i backup to disk storage pool to the copy storage pool first, before
the disk is migrated to tape?  Will the copy stgpool then "know" that the
files that were previously on disk volumes have now been moved to tape
volumes?  Or am in incorrect in my thoughts of how backup stgpool works?

Ray DeJean                              
Ray DeJean                              
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