NetWare Client Web Access

2001-05-22 11:44:58
Subject: NetWare Client Web Access
From: Kevin Kinder <Admin AT GWMAIL.STATE.WV DOT US>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 11:44:42 -0400
I am trying to get the Web Client to work on a NetWare 5.1 file server.

I have added these statements to my DSM.OPT file:
passwordaccess generate

I then issued these commands from the command line on the NetWare Client:

dsmc q session
dsmc q tsa
dsmc q tsa nds

After each of these, I supplied the required id and password information, and 
received a response that the authentication was valid.  Three separate .pwd 
files were generated in the same directory as the DSM.OPT file.

When I try to load the dsmcad NLM, I get this notice: Module DSMCAD is not 
loaded.  Check the TSM error log for more information.  The TSM error log 
contains this one line:

Error 137 from signon authentication.

I can't find this error documented anywhere, but that's probably because I'm 
not looking in the correct place. 

I have tried deleting the password files and recreating them, to no avail.  The 
user ids  and passwords I am using are correct, because I am able to do a 
selective backup with them.  Any ideas?  Thanks for any help!

Kevin Kinder
Kevin Kinder

Kevin Kinder
Kevin Kinder
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