Recovery Log

2001-05-21 10:00:57
Subject: Recovery Log
From: "Gill, Geoffrey L." <GEOFFREY.L.GILL AT SAIC DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 07:01:34 -0700
This morning I noticed my recovery log had risen to 83.2 at some point over
the weekend. I'm already doing a full and one incremental backup of the log
every day to keep it's size down. As you can see it's only 4GB and I still
have room.

The real question is, how and why did it get that high in the first place?
The previous high had been 39.3%. Is there any way to find out what caused
this or exactly when it happened?

Thanks for the help....

       Available Space (MB): 4,096
     Assigned Capacity (MB): 4,096
     Maximum Extension (MB): 0
     Maximum Reduction (MB): 4,088
          Page Size (bytes): 4,096
         Total Usable Pages: 1,048,064
                 Used Pages: 465
                   Pct Util: 0.0
              Max. Pct Util: 83.2
           Physical Volumes: 2
             Log Pool Pages: 2,048
         Log Pool Pct. Util: 0.19
         Log Pool Pct. Wait: 0.00
Cumulative Consumption (MB): 34,747.88
Consumption Reset Date/Time: 04/24/01 15:06:46

Geoff Gill
TSM Administrator
NT Systems Support Engineer
E-Mail:   gillg AT saic DOT com
Phone:  (858) 826-4062
Pager:   (888) 997-9614
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