Antw: clibaux error on netware

2000-11-15 04:54:13
Subject: Antw: clibaux error on netware
From: Reiner Sauer <ReinerSauer AT VINZENZ DOT DE>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 10:52:32 +0100
Hi Paul,

we have NW 4.11 with patchlevel 8a  and TSM v4.1 and we get no error messages.



>>> vkm AT CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL DOT EDU 15.11.2000 02:32:44 >>>
We have a Novell IntranetWare 4.11 user who is attempting to install TSM
v4.1.  After they install the software, when they try to:

   load sys:tivoli\tsm\client\ba\dsmc

they get an error saying that "clibaux needs to be loaded first".  I looked
through all of the TSM Netware installation documentation, and searched
this list via, and found no reference to this NLM.  Has anyone
else seen this error and can they explain to me what is causing it?  I know
very little about Netware, so any help would be appreciated.


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