Re: Server-to-server COPYPOOL, anyone?

2000-11-03 07:29:09
Subject: Re: Server-to-server COPYPOOL, anyone?
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 13:28:33 +0100
None of the two (2) replies that I got made it to the list ...
thanks anyway to the contributors.

From that little traffic, do I assume correctly that
server-to-server copypools are rarely being used?

Still, I'd be grateful for further *sizing* and configuration hints.

On 26-OCT-2000 09:54, I had written:
> It has been proposed that we "mirror" rather large
> (>1 TB) Storagepools on another server.
> Is anyone doing this? I'd like to know about experiences,
> in particular with respect to media consumption on the
> secondary site, and ideas how to choose the MAXCAPACITY
> of virtual volumes (in relation to tape capacity).
> (I'm currently reading the digest, so please CC:
> inquiries to me directly, for faster turn-around).

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