Backup problem for Archivepool on disk to tape

2000-11-03 06:33:59
Subject: Backup problem for Archivepool on disk to tape
From: Henrik Hansson <Henrik_Hansson AT ALBINT DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 11:51:40 +0100
Hi all

A question about backup an Archivepool on disk to a Archive copypool on tape.

I issued the command below
backup stg ARCHIVEPOOL 3570ARCP

And got the the folloing message

11/03/2000 08:20:10  ANR2111W BACKUP STGPOOL: No data to process.

The night before i did an archive. And from the ARCHIVEPOOL next stg pool is
3570AR Primary tapepool. I got data in my 3570AR pool.

I did the command
backup stg 3570AR 3570ARCP

And that worked fine.

Anyone got any idea why I can't do a backup of my pool on disk to my copypool on

Thanx for the help
Henrik Hansson

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