Re: DRM Losing Tapes

1999-05-28 10:42:45
Subject: Re: DRM Losing Tapes
From: "Prather, Wanda" <PrathW1 AT CENTRAL.SSD.JHUAPL DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 10:42:45 -0400
Yes I can confirm -

If you are using DRM, you don't need to do the DELETE VOLHIST TYPE=DBB for
DB backups, DRM does it for you.

I verified it last month by turning off the DELETE VOLHIST, and monitoring
the status of my DB backup tapes.  I have DRMDBBACKUPEXPIREDAYS set to 15,
and DRM is very tidily keeping my DB backups at 15, even with no DELETE
VOLHIST running.

(You may still want to run your DELETE VOLHIST at some high number for the
STGNEW and STGDELETE entries, just to keep the VOLHIST from growing

Thanks to Sheelagh Treweek of Oxford U for teaching me this!

Wanda Prather
The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
wanda_prather AT jhuapl DOT edu

"Intelligence has much less practical application than you'd think" -
Scott Adams/Dilbert

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> From: Virginia Hysock [SMTP:vhysock AT CSC DOT COM]
> Sent: Thursday, May 27, 1999 4:06 PM
> Subject:      DRM Losing Tapes
> AIX Server w/IBM 3494 ATL
> Hello all,
>      I have noted that there was quite a bit of discussion on the list a
> month or so ago about DRM processes for returning tapes from the vault
> losing tapes, primarily due to parameters around the DRMEXPIREDAYS,
> REUSEDELAY and deleting of the volhistory db backup days, etc.  I also saw
> one note that indicated the user was going to open an incident with IBM on
> it, but I found nothing in searching the APAR files on IBMLINK.  Can
> anyone
> provide me with information on a resolution to this?  I am in the
> testing/ready to implement DRM stage right now (with an implementation
> deadline of 6/1 - yikes!), and have found a similar problem in performing
> the QUERY DRMEDIA * WHERESTATE=VAULTRETRIEVE.  On 5/17 the list produced
> one tape, S00161 (which was not returned, since I was only testing); on
> 5/25 the list produced one tape, S00063 (what happened to S00161?), on
> 5/26
> it produced one other tape, S00065 (no S00161 or S00063).
>      My DRMEXPIREDAYS parameter is set to 30 days, as is the REUSEDELAY
> period, and the DELETE VOLHIST was set to 30 - but I just changed it to 40
> based on some of the suggestions in the list notes.  Should I be okay now?
> I also saw one suggestion saying that if you are using DRM, you should not
> be deleting your volume history db backups.  Can anyone confirm this?
> HELP!!
>                          Ginny
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