Hang of ADSM Agent for Notes for NT (dsmnotes incr)

1999-05-27 12:07:09
Subject: Hang of ADSM Agent for Notes for NT (dsmnotes incr)
From: Leandro Carneiro Torres <ctorres AT SERVICE.COM DOT BR>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 13:07:09 -0300
I have the following environment:

ADSM Server for MVS
ADSM Client for NT
Lotus Notes for NT 4.6.4
Agent for Notes for NT 2.1.19

The command "dsmnotes incr e:\notes_455\data\" hangs in the execution.
Some NSF files are backuped, but another NSF files hangs the incremental

Did anybody see this problem ???

Thanks any help !!!

Leandro Carneiro Torres - ctorres AT DOT br
Service IT Solutions -
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              Rua Romano Bertagnoli, 655
              CEP 80710-060 - Curitiba - PR
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