Re: New Clients automatically Administrators Too with Level 2.20

1999-05-23 23:53:06
Subject: Re: New Clients automatically Administrators Too with Level 2.20
From: s frederic johanson <fred AT MIDWAY.UCHICAGO DOT EDU>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 22:53:06 -0500
I delete them as quickly as they are created.

On Sun, 23 May 1999, Laszlo Nemeth wrote:

> uh what about those of us that do openregistration and don't want
> bunches of adminisrator accounts around?
> laz
> Joshua Bassi <jbassi AT GLORYWORKS DOT COM> on 05/21/99 04:49:03 PM
> This feature has been added so that users can use the web b-a client to run
> backups, restores, etc.
> If you do not want this feature and you don't wish to keep have all these
> "administrators" around, instead of manually removing these administrators,
> you can tell ADSM not to add an admin ID when you register all new nodes:
> register node nodename password userid=none
> This will prevent an admin from being created for this user to login using
> the web b-a client.
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> Subject: New Clients automatically Administrators Too with Level 2.20
> Here's a good one.
> Ever since we upgraded to Level 2.20 of V3 R1-MVS a couple of weeks ago,
> every new client node that we register is also registered as an
> Administrator.
> Was this an intentional enhancement that comes with this release?
> I don't know about some folks, but I would rather not have so many
> administrators. Now, after I define a new client node, I pull down the
> Administrator menu and delete the intruder from my Admin list. I plan to
> automate this procedure in the near future, but I hope that IBM removes this
> 'enhancement' first, as having to do this is very annoying.
> Those who have upgraded to Level 2.20 may want to check to make sure this
> isn't happening to them, too.
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