Changing ownership of files.

2015-10-04 18:03:07
Subject: Changing ownership of files.
To: Jerry Lawson at ASUPO
Date: 12/31/97 1:26PM
The short answer is no.  However, what you can do some "fake out" stuff to
gain access to the backups.

The easiest is to go into the DSM.OPT and change the node name to the old
name, then restore the files. Be careful, though with the scheduler - if it
kicks off while you have the old name, you can cause lots of problems.  The
biggest problem I have seen with this method comes from people forgetting to
change back when they are done.

A safer way is to use the above method, but only long enough to go in and
grant another user access to all of the backups (and archives if they exist),
then get out and go back to your real name.  You can then use the standard
ADSM functions to access the files without having to do all of the sleight of
hand routines.

As I think of it, what "might" work (no guarantee - I haven't actually tried
this) is the following......  Assume Node A is a real node, and Node B is the
one that doesn't exist any more....

Export Node A
delete all files and archives for Node A, then delete Node A
rename Node B to Node A
Import Node A


Export Node A
delete files, then delete Node A
rename Node B to Node A
Export Node A (old B)
delete files etc, and new Node A (node B renamed)
Import original Node A
Import those files from the Node B (renamed) that are needed

Two caveats -

First, this will only work if the platforms are the same, exactly.  I tried
to do something similar, where one was defined as Win 3.1, and one as Win95,
and it wouldn't work.

Second, be careful with the export tapes - the volume serial numbers are not
stored in the DB - you are on your own to keep track of them.

In looking at the Import write up, you might be able to wind up with the same
result, but it would *Seem* that based on what kind of platform these are,
and if there are duplicate file system names, there might be benefits to
using one method over the other.

Hope this helps....

Jerry Lawson
jlawson AT thehartford DOT com

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Subject: Changing ownership of files.
 Date:    12/31/97 1:26 PM


One adsm client machine was physically removed but the files are still
on ADSM server. Can I change the ownership of the files to a new node
or another existing node?

Thank You,
  Mark Brown, Operations Supervisor
  McGill University, Computing Centre
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