tcpip timeouts during restores

1997-12-31 15:10:35
Subject: tcpip timeouts during restores
From: mike murphy <murphym AT FAATCRL.TC.FAA DOT GOV>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 15:10:35 -0500
 We are running ADSM 2.1.0 on MVS.  We have two clients,  one UNIX and one
NOVELL, trying to restore a large amount of files.  We are receiving
message ANR0481W - session terminated - client did not respond within 120
seconds.( these clients are doing their restores at different times so they
are not conflicting with each other). We receive this error message after
some files have been restored.  There does not seem to be excessive traffic
on our network when this problem is occurring. Does anybody have any ideas
what might be happening?  Thanks.
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