Re: SAP/R3 online backup with backint & ADSM

1997-12-23 19:42:02
Subject: Re: SAP/R3 online backup with backint & ADSM
From: "Nicholas, Murray, Haltek/AU" <MurrayNi AT HALTEK.COM DOT AU>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 11:42:02 +1100

I happily used backint for ADSM on Win-NT to make online and offline
backups, archive the redo logs and restore the same using SAPDBA to
recover a database four days into an online upgrade.  All worked
without a hitch.

However, I note that you said "type=util_file_online" not
"type=util_file".  When I last checked I found that this feature
worked nicely for the database backup but took nearly 30 minutes to
back up the seven little control/admin files needed to form a complete
backup set for SAP.  ADSM/backint support said they did not officially
support the "_online" extension.  Removing the extension allowed ADSM
to back up those seven files in about one minute.

The difference between the two is in when brbackup puts the
tablespaces into backup mode: with "_online" specified, each
tablespace is put into backup mode just before it is backed up and
comes out of backup mode when the backup is complete; with
"type=util_file", all tablespaces to be backed up are put in backup
mode before starting to back up the first and they all stay in backup
mode until the last one is backed up.  In either case you can run
brbackup -t online.

If you are getting peculiar results (and not just a DBA misreading the
one letter differences as suggested by another responder) I would
suggest you try with "type=util_file" and run a "brbackup -t online"
to see if the problem goes away.

Murray Nicholas
IT Systems Consultant
Galeforce Information Services Pty Ltd
email:  murray AT galeforce.bu.aust DOT com

>From:  Kauffman, Tom[SMTP:KauffmanT AT NIBCO DOT COM]
>Reply To:      ADSM: Dist Stor Manager
>Sent:  Tuesday, December 23, 1997 6:45 AM
>Subject:       SAP/R3 online backup with backint & ADSM
>Our DBA looked at the log file generated by BRBackup for an on-line
>backup and got quite nervous -- sveral tablespaces had been switched
>into and out of backup mode more than once. Based on previous
>and Oracle documentation, he has a strong feeling that the online
>backups are not valid.
>Have any of you used BRBackup, Backint, and ADSM to do an on-line
>(type=util_file_online) followed by a restore? If so, did the backup
>any tablespace in backup mode more than one time during the run? Did
>have any problems?
>We're running SAP/R3 3.0F with the 3.1H kernel upgrade, Oracle 7.3.3
>(the reason for the kernel upgrade), ADSM (server) and
>(client); we've seen this behavior with Backint,,
>and 2.2.0.
>So far, the response from Oracle has been that this is not valid;
>indicates that this is a Backint issue, and the Backint support
>indicates that Backint is working as designed and has been SAP
>for some time.
>Us? We're a bit nervous-like, and will be until we get a chance to
>tests of our own.
>TIA -
>Tom Kauffman
>Sr. Technical Analyst
>kauffmant AT nibco DOT com
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