Re: Manuals

1997-12-19 06:10:07
Subject: Re: Manuals
From: Koen Leeten <Koen_Leeten AT CEM DOT BE>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:10:07 +0100
Hi kent,
for the SMP installation the information is in the "program directory for
adstar distributed storage manager on Open Edition MVS"   5655-119,
for the installation in Open Edition i found the information in chapter 6.3
Backup using ADSM  of a draft redbook "Lotus Domino server release 4.5 on
OS/390" and
for the option files and running the sheduler you find information in
"installing the clients" sh26-4049-01
We ran for a while from the etc/rc file like indicated but this has as a
disatvantage that you always have to enter the OEenvironment to stop the
sheduler before an IPL. The OEenvironment starts and stops together with
MVS (for the moment) but all daemons that you haven't stopped previously of
starting the shutdown of your MVS hang . The OEenvironment is down but all
daemon's are still in the system and you have to cancel them. We opted to
start and stop the daemon's with a started tasks which in turn can be run
by an automation software. Information about the setup of this started task
sytem (a combination of started tasks and rexx'es unther OE) can be found
in the redbook "Accessing OS/390 Open Edition MVS from the internet"
 Greetings,  Koen.
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