Device Configuration on AIX

1997-12-18 12:33:38
Subject: Device Configuration on AIX
From: marioj <marioj AT FEDEX DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 11:33:38 -0600

When trying to configure the IBM 7336 4mm tape library on an AIX ver
4.1.5. system, with a version 2, level 1, mod 0ADSM server loaded on
it.I first ran the "lsdev -C -s scsi -H" command to get the correct scsi
adapter numbers, LUNs, etc, and fed them into the required fields when I
went through the following. Smit->devices->adsm devices->library/medium
changer->add a library/medium changer. I get the following error(s). All
licenses for this type of library are loaded and are current. I followed
this procedure directly from the "Installing the Server and Admin
Client" manual. The Readme doc contained the same steps in it.What
should I do?

Method error (/etc/methods/cfgadsmdd):
        0514-051 Device to be configured does not match the physical
                 device at the specified connection location.
cfgadsmdd: getopt return l
cfgadsmdd: ipl_phase = 4
cfgadsmdd: Configuring device: lb0
cfgadsmdd: ODM initialized and locked
cfgadsmdd: CuDv opened.
cfgadsmdd: get customized object with logical name.
cfgadsmdd: PdDv opened.
cfgadsmdd: get PdDv object for this logical name.
cfgadsmdd: PdAt opened.
cfgadsmdd: fail to find PdAt object for this device
cfgadsmdd: closed PdDv.
cfgadsmdd: closed PdAt.
cfgadsmdd: device status is DEFINED.
cfgadsmdd: get parent CuDv.
cfgadsmdd: parent is available.
cfgadsmdd: device driver loaded.
cfgadsmdd: Returned major number: 36
cfgadsmdd: Calling getminor()
cfgadsmdd: Calling generate_minor()
cfgadsmdd: minor number: 0
cfgadsmdd: Calling make_special_files()
cfgadsmdd: special file = /dev/lb0
cfgadsmdd: special file does not exist.
cfgadsmdd: Returned from make_special_files()
cfgadsmdd: Calling inquiry_n_build_dds()
cfgadsmdd: device_lname = <lb0>
cfgadsmdd: get_sid_lun(): scsi_addr=<3,0>
cfgadsmdd: scsi_id =3, lun_id = 0
cfgadsmdd: Returned parent's major number: 12
cfgadsmdd: adapter_devno =0xC0000
cfgadsmdd: parent device logical name scsi1
cfgadsmdd: parent file path </dev/scsi1>
cfgadsmdd: parent special file opened.
cfgadsmdd: inquiry_n_build_dd(): idlun = 768
cfgadsmdd: ioctl SCIOSTART ok.
cfgadsmdd: ioctl SCIOSTOP ok.
cfgadsmdd: parent special file closed.
cfgadsmdd: SCIOINQU ok.
cfgadsmdd: peripheral device type = 0x08
cfgadsmdd: peripheral device type is sequential access medium changer
cfgadsmdd: product_type <7336-205        >
cfgadsmdd: the device is NOT supported.
cfgadsmdd: exit validate_n_convert_device_model(), rc 51
cfgadsmdd: free dds.
cfgadsmdd:inquiry_n_build_dds() return 51
cfgadsmdd: error inquiry or building dds,rc=51
cfgadsmdd: Returned from inquiry_n_build_dds()
cfgadsmdd: unloading the device's driver.
cfgadsmdd: close customized device object class and terminate ODM.

Mario Jones
FedEx Corp.
EDI Development
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