lost vcr data

1997-12-18 06:19:49
Subject: lost vcr data
From: James Mahar <James_Mahar AT TAX.STATE.NY DOT US>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 07:19:49 -0400
>/Mikael G   writes

>ANR8776W Media in drive drive name contains lost VCR data; performance may
be degraded.

>I don?t get this message. Someone who have experience this problem?
>pleace send me a mail

>/Mikael G

I assume you are using 3590 drives.. We had this problem after a microcode
upgrade to the
drives. The index for fast access to the tapes was corrupted by the
microcode. We had our IBM
CE back out the microcode update and the error disappeared after each tape
was mounted and the
index rebuilt.  This problem existed on both Rs/6000 attached and mainframe
 attached drives at
the same level of microcode.

Jim Mahar NYS Tax & Finance
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