ATM / ADSM Throughput

1997-12-15 12:46:47
Subject: ATM / ADSM Throughput
From: MULLER Marius <mariusm AT VNET.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 18:46:47 FWT
Hy dud,
I got a pretty new ATM network in my compagny, and ADSM can enjoy it.
My environment is :
ADSM server 215.15 on an AIX 415 plateform,
ADSM client 2107 also on AIX,
TCPIP communication via ATM,
sending the data to a 3590 via a disk pool,
Parameters on client side are :
These parameters give methe best throughput : 150 seconds for a 400 Mbytes
file. It's better than over token-ring, but I expected more.

Do you have a good idea to improve the performances ??
Thanks for attention. Good night.
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