Upgrade V2 databse to V3

1997-12-12 05:42:53
Subject: Upgrade V2 databse to V3
From: Joubert Eugene Datavia <EugeneJo AT TRANSNET.CO DOT ZA>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 12:42:53 +0200
We are currently running ADSM V2 on MVS 5.22. We were trying to
upgrade to V3 by using the UPGRADEDB parm on the exec statement. When
we executed this command, we got the following message :
ANR5958E SVM is at Mod Level 20, ADSM requires at least Mod Level 22,
unable to continue.
What we also notice was that in ANRLEVEL member in the SAMPLIB
dataset, there is a member (DMSSVM5) that is in SYS1.LPALIB.
What we need find out is where in the ADSM startup is this member
referenced, whether it has to be in SYS1.LPALIB or can it be in
another dataset as long as it is APF authorised

I will be appreciated if we can get some feedback ASAP !!!!


Eugene Joubert
EugeneJo AT DOT za
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