Re: TME Product at Storage Symposium

1997-12-11 18:00:14
Subject: Re: TME Product at Storage Symposium
From: Cyndi Wood x7440 <SNOCKW AT VMS.SAS DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 18:00:14 -0500

Was this CenterStage from Softworks that you are thinking about? If
so, I do have some of those notes. Contact me directly and I can
arrange getting them to you.

Cyndi Wood
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 Hi all,
 Hi all,
 A few months ago at the Storage Synopsum in SF I heard a
 pitch by a lady concerning ADSM Management with TME. She
 represented a company that planned on making a TME product
 that would automatically handle ADMS alerts, etc. Somewhere
 I lost my notes. Does anyone know what company she represented ?
 Did this product ever get developed. Can someone fax me the
 presentation ?

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